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How does a budget website design & development project breakdown?

How does a typical budget website design & development project breakdown?

Many businesses taking there businesses online are confused by the offer of ┬ú500 e-commerce website design packages, which 95% of the time simply do not deliver on their promise to generate value to a business. A complete e-commerce website design & development process from E-creation typically starts at ┬ú5,000, ten times the cost of the budget ┬ú500 website design package you might see offered in the advertising panels in the right of Google – but offers better value for money. Why? Because of the time spent on initial thinking, design and coding together with the unique experience going into making the best value website:

ΓÇó Consultancy – define objectives, content & navigation for clarity
ΓÇó Design ΓÇô create engaging design & experience for website visitors
ΓÇó Coding ΓÇô convert design into HTML code & add CMS
ΓÇó Create new cart ΓÇô improve the shopping experience
ΓÇó Applying social media ΓÇô linking to branded Twitter

The new website typically addresses the common design & structural issues that are found with most budget website designs.

ΓÇó Simplify content & make the site easier to navigate
ΓÇó Make content appropriate to local market, therefore faster and easier to process for visitors
ΓÇó Improve on overall design & brand image, creating more trust in the transaction process
ΓÇó Delivery of content more effectively into search engines, for higher volume, more targeted traffic
ΓÇó Employ social media as integral part of website design, bringing ‘qudos’ to the website
ΓÇó Make content updates easy via ΓÇÿBloggerΓÇÖ CMS, encouraging regular updates and more accurate content

Basic site re-design, re-coding & e-commerce integration can be achieved for as little as £5,000 + VAT

1 to 2 days ΓÇô consultancy & documentation

Work with the client to to define the digital business objectives for website (with a half day face-to-face meeting), document how E-creation will technically achieve this and rationalise content (including advice on best ways to write content for website targeting top search engine placements.

2 to 5 days ΓÇô re-design website

Redesign the look & feel of website, improve navigation & overall ΓÇÿexperienceΓÇÖ for visitors with potential for homepage animated element.

2 to 4 days ΓÇô re-code website

Creation of navigation & HTML pages with meta-tags for SEO. Websites usually would consist of around 20 content pages (1 hr per page to code).

2 to 3 days ΓÇô new shopping cart

The simplest cost-effective approach is Google Checkout cart (see demo site – Google Checkout does not require initial registration, making shopping easier and orders can be directed to UK.

Additional recommended elements – around £2,000 + VAT

1 to 3 days ΓÇô add ΓÇÿBloggerΓÇÖ CMS to site (optional)

Incorporating Blogger enables the client to easily add content in branded PR and news areas of the website, including photos, videos and links. Because Blogger is owned by Google, content is more rapidly seen in search engines, maximizing marketing impact.

1 to 2 days – branded Twitter page and ΓÇÿfeedΓÇÖ (optional)

Design a branded Twitter page with a unique, content related domain name with code to ΓÇÿsyncΓÇÖ animated Twitter posts to the homepage.