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 I didn’t really, like, make any friends from the band

canada goose Tags Met Gala One Direction ripping the piss Zayn Malik See other tags Tags Zayn Malik has been ripping the piss out of the Met Gala and says he didn’t make friends in One Direction He attended the event in 2016 with Gigi Hadid. By Rachel O’Neill Monday 18 Jun 2018 Canada Goose outlet sale , 8:00 PM Jun 18th 2018, 8:01 PM 7,934 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4077964 Share5 Tweet Email ZAYN MALIK IS a hard guy to pin down both literally (according to Niall Horan) and figuratively given his general personality. Wildly enigmatic singer (and our July cover star) @zayn let down his guard foekjedillema , briefly, and talked to GQ about his relationship with Gigi and his crafty use of the paparazzi for his own devices at the link in bio. (📷 @sebastianmader 👕 @simonrasmussen) A post shared by GQ (@gq) on Jun 18, 2018 at 6:17am PDTGQ have just done a profile of him and he’s been giving us all sorts of insights into his life, including what he thought of the Met Gala. Most celebrities seem to adore the Met Gala given some of the outfits were saw this year but it’s something that’s just not for him. Source: Ian West Source: Ian West Source: Hahn Lionel/ABACANow, it’s not something I would go to. I’d rather be sitting at my house, doing something productive, than dressing up in really expensive clothes and being photographed on a red carpet.… To do the self-indulgent Look at me, I’m amazing thing on the red carpet, it’s not me.I mean in defence of the Met Gala, it did raise $12 million for good causes back in 2017 but fair enough if you’re not into dressing up.Eagle eyed viewers of the Met Gala in 2016 will remember that he and Gigi Hadid did attend the Gala but Zayn defended himself saying he was doing it for a laugh. Source: Doug Peters/EMPICS EntertainmentI did go, but I didn’t go there to be like, ‘Yo, take me serious’, I was taking the piss! I went there as my favorite Mortal Kombat character, Jax. Source: Wikipedia Source: Doug PetersHe got it pretty much spot on.He did soften up a bit about the event in the end though saying he could understand why people enjoy it even if it wasn’t for him. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesHe didn’t hold back though about being in One Direction though.My vision didn’t necessarily always go with what was going on within the band. I didn’t really, like, make any friends from the band. I just didn’t do it. It’s not something that I’m afraid to say. I definitely have issues trusting people.Explains why Niall Horan can’t get ahold of him anyway.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka