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Original Ideas, Imagination & Innovation

Innovation & imagination for hire

E-creation has truly original ideas & imagination. Need a killer piece of marketing, a website to stand out in a crowded market place, an innovative way to make your business better or just an cool idea for digital functionality? We offer innovation & imagination for hire.

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We don’t limit ourselves by calling ourselves a marketing agency or digital agency – we are an ideas agency. E-creation can work with an existing design or web agency to¬†elicit unique designs, bring fresh creative thinking to business consultancy, smash through creative blocks within a business or provide a complete design & build service when you just need the whole lot done really well. Examples of creative thinking?

    • website personalisation that ‘recognises’ the customer as they walk into a lobby
    • interactive digital movies using stock market data for ‘live data’ adventures
    • digital adverts using Facebook profiles to tune messaging uniquely to a viewer
    • social media campaigns that create & measure crime reduction for councils

E-creation comes up with creative ideas that reflect the deep understanding of design & technology we have. It’s not just about making it look nice, it’s about delivering an experience that is truly unique and makes people smile. You can get as technical as you want but building customer relationships is about having happy customers, something we have delivered for our clients that include¬†IBM,, BP, Unisys, National Cars, Cambridge University, BT, Cisco, RBS & the NHS.

We don’t work with everyone. It’s not about how much money you have, it’s about how interesting the opportunity is to create something cool. We can work remotely, if that is easiest for you, but we do love water cooler moments, so we’d much rather sit down, understand your business properly and come up with something amazing in a water-cooler moment.

Everyday is something new to us. A wonderful new challenge where we come up with ideas that are imaginative and fun in a world dominated by people who take life too seriously. We don’t to this for the money – we do this for the pure, unadulterated feeling of getting it right.


We are just big kids. But smart kids imagining the future.

Bournemouth Digital Design Agency - TICKE-creation has a unique ability to create original ideas for great brand names that really stick in mind, business card that delight customers with their ‘story’, websites that capture the users attention online & marketing e-mails that simply can’t be ignored. No matter what your business challenge, E-creation is the ideas & imagination agency that delivers results. Guaranteed.