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If it’s not a blues specific it’s fine by us

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While waiting for Val mum to come, Val and I were talking about what we said earlier cough cough and hahaha Val really didn realise the second meaning of her statement! Think before you speak, very important. XD I told her about a certain person, and she said, “You should ask him to go join CHINGAY!” MORE BAD PUN. Nooo so evil!!! Hahahahaha..

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God is.. God.. God.. Kato coffee machine, The Green Hornet (2011)Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) learned a great deal from his late dad mechanic Kato (Jay Chou) in The Green Hornet. One of these surreal revelations involved a nearly Willy Wonka sized hand built coffee maker, which Kato used to churn out espresso. Most striking of all, however, was his ability to execute a fancy milk pour effortlessly, right off the bat..

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