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If you have a yak or boat the options are limitless

Their party is in power and from that position they would simply want to crush their political opponents with sadism and terrorism as he did.Then it becomes an act of provocation/trolling. By referencing him, they’re playing mind games and trolling their enemies. Pinochet is a meme here, by Richard Dawkins’ original definition; the nucleus of a viral idea.

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If you find yourself the subject of username ping abuse, please report those comments via modmail so we can take care of it. Alternately you can go to your user preferences and uncheck the box for me when people say my username seems that general complaints about GallowBoob (AKA awkwardtheturtle) have also reached the depressing point where complaints are so commonplace that they are moncler sale barely moncler online store newsworthy anymore. Since complaints about him usually result in user suspensions or subreddit bans, we have decided to remove posts from this sub that are general complaints about him.

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