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In a high percentage of our restaurants

In a high percentage of our restaurants, we limit our operating hours to dinner only during the weekdays with approximately one half of our restaurants offering lunch on Friday. By focusing on dinner, our restaurant teams have to prepare for and manage only one shift per day during the week. We believe this allows our restaurant teams to offer higher quality, more consistent food and service to our guests.

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Crain said. So the RailRiders mascot will be a porcupine. On the alternate hat, a porcupine dressed as a conductor will be featured. 21; Garland Jeffreys, Robbing Mary, Jan. 22; The Suitcase Junket,Luckey Ones, Josh Ryan, Jan. 23; Alex Bevan, with David J.

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If ingenuity makes an impression on Pritchard, the same can be said for tradition and artistry. He deeply admires the craftsmanship of Louise St. Jacques, who gets the cup for 10 days each year to hand stamp the names of the winning players onto one of five rings that covers the base.

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Referring to Muralitharan as someone who started his career with jersey no. 8 and finished with jersey no. 800, the owner of the Veerans team, VB Chandrasekhar, expressed his delight over roping in the spin king as well as Arun. Determination is most evident on a course that requires athletes to suffer, he said. Can override the pain threshold and apply pure power. When she sets her mind to it, there is little stopping her.