In addition to the lawsuit, officials at the Consumer

It is also important that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, and the governors in other states, continue to work to get more testing capabilities so testing for the virus can be widely distributed, accurate data can be collected and contact tracing can be done, which all aim to slow the spread of the virus. It important to hold the federal government accountable to help get that done and reject any argument that is it not needed or is unnecessary..

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cheap nba Jerseys from china Earlier this month (Oct15), users experienced difficulty accessing their funds due to technical issues and took to social media to express their frustrations. They also filed a class action lawsuit on Friday (23Oct15), claiming they were informed the company would be performing updates to the system that would last a few hours, but their accounts were down for several weeks.The users are seeking damages and injunctive relief based upon “the unlawful conduct of Defendants in denying such account holders the ability to obtain funds in their accounts” and “misappropriating funds held in the RushCard accounts”.In addition to the lawsuit, officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are conducting an investigation.”The CFPB is taking direct action to get to the bottom of this situation that may have harmed thousands of innocent consumers already,” a statement from director Richard Cordray reads. “The CFPB has also engaged in discussions with fellow regulators. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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