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In California, we have a higher minimum wage but a lack of

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My husband and I both grew up in southwest Ohio, went to school in Columbus and moved to Akron in 2008 when my husband got a job up here. He had only ever been here for the interview, I had never been here moncler online store at cheap moncler jackets womens all in my entire moncler uk outlet life. We packed up our car and just moved up! We landed in the Valley for the first few years and were utterly charmed by the city, the discount moncler jackets people, and the national park. He is not at that job anymore and we aren’t in the Valley anymore but we’ve put down best moncler jackets roots (bought a house, put our kids in school, made awesome friends) and have no plans to leave!Out of state here. I moved from California to Ohio, specifically Akron, for a few reasons. First, air quality. I lived in the valley of California most of my life. The air quality was absolute garbage. West Nile and valley fever runs rampant in my home town. Many kids are developing major signs of asthma and respiratory problems because of the air. My daughter, who is 3, had chronic bronchitis since she was born and just recently started developing asthma. We were doing several breathing treatments/inhaler hits every day. I’ve been here for a few weeks and she hasn’t had to hit her inhaler once uk moncler sale since moving. Huge improvement. Second, weather. I know it sounds silly but moncler outlet online in my home town cheap moncler jackets mens we had really dry, hot summers. Summer lasts about 6 months and can easily reach up to 115 120 degrees for about 14 hours a day. We rarely got rain and everything is so dry and dead. Third, affordability and job economy. In California, we have a higher minimum wage but a lack of full time employment. People with degrees are forced to take lower paying jobs or are left searching for months just to find something. Rent for a 1 bedroom apartment/bungalow tips the scale about $700 $1200 a month depending on the area of town. The electric company has a monopoly on the city and offers very high rates. For that same 1 bedroom, you’d pay at least$300 a month moncler sale outlet in electric, especially in the summer months. Before we moved, we had a 500 square foot 1 bedroom apartment in the worst part of town. We paid $525 a month for rent, paid $200 a month in electric and $85 a month in gas. We had our home broken into several times and the police response time was 45 minutes if it was urgent. Here, moncler usa I have a very nice 4 bedroom/2 bath home that is larger than any place I’ve ever lived in and I’m not paying much more than my stupid apartment back home. I was able to find a job within a week of moving here and it pays more than minimum wage. Not only that, uk moncler outlet but I’m basically 90 minutes away from everything that’s cool. In California, I had to drive at least 2 1/2 hours to get to Los Angeles. moncler womens jackets 5 hours if I wanted to go to San Francisco.Plus side, the roads are better here than I expected. Ohio actually has an excuse for potholes whereas California does not. Money management in California is poor and there is rarely improvements done. Ohio and moncler sale online specifically Akron has great prices for starter homes compared to California. Imagine my surprise when I moved here and found out I could buy a nice renovated home for $150,000 or less in some areas. I’d be lucky to purchase a shack for that price in California. We moved purely based on research. Affordability was key for us. Location was next. Health was also a major factor but that would have been a benefit just moving to the state. We also felt that Akron was on a positive trend for living, activities, and other smaller things. We thought getting in before it got really active would help us get a good deal on something. We’re actually very happy with the decision and we live around some really nice people. The general atmosphere is nice. People say hi to us. People think it’s moncler outlet woodbury so cool that we moved here as opposed to questioning why we would come in the first place. Added bonus? The gun laws are better. She was basically close to LA as well. Said central cities are disgusting in California and traffic is ridiculous. I cheap moncler jackets worked at a call center and I’d often get lost in conversation with Californians about cost of living and how astronomical it was. I do still wish to visit the state, though. But I definitely wouldn’t live there. A lot of the customers I talked to were extremely jealous at cheap moncler sale the fact that you could basically get a 3 4 bedroom house around some of these monclerdownjacket areas for as low as $650 $700 a month. Central California is not ideal and a lot of people have high expectations when I say I’m from California. The traffic is bad and the freeway system is terrible. I really love the freeway system here in Ohio. It’s easy. The on/off ramps are really nice. It’s hard to get lost to be honest. Akron was high on our list because I moncler outlet wanted to be closer to Cleveland without breaking the bank. You know, for concerts and events. moncler sale In a few years, I might move closer to Columbus so I can get my masters at Ohio state. Not moncler outlet prices gonna lie, that’s been a big dream moncler outlet of mine! But I’ve always been a fan of cheap moncler coats mens Ohio teams. Indians, Ohio State, and cavs. In a family full of USC/dodgers/lakers fans, I was the odd one out so it’s nice to finally be in the area where I can watch all the games I want without having issues of regional coverage. Relocated due to eviction in NC, Ohio (Mogadore) was the only place we we had to turn to. We spent less than a year with in laws who misled us into feeling welcome. Moved out of that house into a couple of rental situations in both Mogadore and longer term in Brimfield TWP. After leaving a job and being informed we were about to be homeless due to “going another direction with the property” (demolition) we settled on moncler outlet store buying a home in Akron. The moncler outlet sale price was reasonable, the taxes were low, and the location was right.Been in the home a little over a year and aside from a couple of incidents the neighborhood is quiet and not a lot of worry. Five blocks in either direction and I might not say the same, but this neighborhood is alright.