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Individuals who are depressed exhibit a negative attributional

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“To him and everybody involved in the school, he was more than a caretaker. He was a friend to the staff and all of the principals who were there during his employment. He was a confidant to the students and was devastated when he could not go into work anymore.

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Many of the clients I work with struggle with faulty attributions that color their views of themselves, their environments, and the future. Martin Seligman, a prominent psychologist in the positive psychology movement, has extensively researched what he calls attributional style. Individuals who are depressed exhibit a negative attributional style.

Another friend, Dan Docherty, spent four weeks walking with Siess in Japan. He thought maybe his friend walk was a way to continue to up the challenge from previous adventures. Docherty recalled one incident that was uncomfortable for him but he realized, pretty routine for Siess.

The discount plan allows the patient to be seen for practically any dental service or procedure at a lower rate. The individual simply pays the reduced fee at the time of their visit. No billing, no exclusions, everything is covered unless it’s a procedure that was begun by another dentist that isn’t completed.