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Infographics & animations for marketing

Animations & Infographics For Marketing

computer-screenNot all businesses can afford to spend thousands of pounds on their marketing – but a simple animation or infographic used in a presentation, exhibition or website can have a massive impact on the perceived professionalism of an organisation. 

The animation or infographic can take the form of a video or a digital file – and E-creation is able to seemlessly blend real-life video, such as video testimonials or products demonstration, into animations or infographics, for the added impact of ‘personal’ communications.

Simple Infographic Animations

E-creation has created a simple, cost-effective ‘infographic animation’ service delivering a 60 seconds animation with audio, animation and design for ┬ú499. Based around moving text and simple images, our infographic animations enable businesses to incorporate multimedia in their marketing mix with minimal investment.