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Interest in cold store business

Interest in cold store business? Please review our cold store guidelines (PDF).

Why do we have such low maintenance costs?

Low maintenance is part of our culture. When we open the store, we treat everyone like customers.

As well as offering free gift cards and discounts on store items, we also run a few low maintenance features like the gift shop, and even a discount for the store on the day of your shop visit. We look after the building and all the customers of the store before any maintenance is undertaken.

How long does the minimum order for카지노 사이트 a Cold Store start?

We have a minimum order of 1,000 pairs of shoes and shoes, but we can also ship a minimum of 2,500 pairs of shoes for any order before the delivery is complete. These do not guarantee minimum order size but are a valuable tool in ensuring we can get a reasonable supply.

What is the store’s policy regarding refunds?

Refunds will only be provided for items not produced using a low maintenance shop. Items that we can prove cannot be recycled can be refunded to the customer only if the item is returned in the same condition in which it was received. If the item is returned within더킹카지노 30 days after our customer returned the item the product shall be replaced within 30 days. We can offe바카라r either a partial refund or a full refund only, no matter what the circumstances.

What about shipping?

Cold Store’s policy regarding shipping is as follows: All orders shipped out to the United Kingdom and Ireland are shipped out using First Class Recorded Mail with a 2-6 week tracking. If you’re outside of these 2 regions, you will need to contact us for shipping options. All orders placed before or after the shipping times listed below are shipped with First Class Recorded Mail. The shipping dates are as per available shipping terms of each country on the Cold Store website (UK, Ireland and Australia).

What products can I get free of charge?

Every Cold Store customer is welcome to enjoy all our low maintenance shoes with no additional cost. There is a great range of shoes we carry from popular brands from our partner brands such as Adidas, Old Navy, Under Armour, Reebok, Nike, and more.

For more information on Cold Store’s low maintenance and how to order online and pick up some Cold Store products, please visit

What if I have any questions or issues regarding a cold store?

Ask us about our customer service at contac