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Is it just people skin reacting differently with both of them

We are not 24/7 mods.Self flair your post and your user name (optional) appropriately. If your post is NSFW, flair it as suchTake the smell test: “Would I say this to the person face?” or “Would I get jumped if I said this to someone in front of me?”Use your discretion, or send a modmail if you need further guidance. Posts and comments that ignore these guidelines are subject to removal.I recently become interested in acquiring Bleu de Chanel.I think both the EDT and EDP smell really good but I was just wondering what kind of performance people get using it?I looked on Fragrantica and watched reviews on youtube and there have been a lot of mixed reviews about their performance.To me the smell will come down to my personal preference, it just the performance I a little anxious about.Is it just people skin reacting differently with both of them and I should just buy the smell I prefer and just go for it and hope for the best?For me, the EDP version lasts a lot longer than the EDT on my skin.I usually got 4 6 hours with the EDT, and after the 3 4 hour mark or so, the projection jumped off a cliff and completely became a skin scent.Whereas the EDP regularly lasts about 6 8 hours.

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