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It also serves as a good demonstration of the playability of

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cheap moncler outlet I don have an accurate figure for how much fiat Stellar moves on a daily basis. Active accounts have grown by several factors. IBM transmits $10 of millions daily in the SE Asian corridors alone. I think what Mark was saying, and the miss understanding is that when you press the flask again at point B, and it looks in the UI like you are just refreshing the same flask you are in fact instantiating another another instance of the flask and it effect. To you it looks like a refresh but under the hood, and what the soul eating effects are tied to, it is two SEPARATE instances of the flask effect, but just like with ignites only the most “powerful” effect is actually used for an effect that can stack, similar to ignite. So by cheap moncler reactivating the flask you are “killing” the previous soul eater effect tied to the first instance of the flask effect, BUT that flask effect is still technically the effect of record on your character since it was created first and is just at “powerful” as the new instance you created by hitting the flask again. cheap moncler outlet

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