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It has notes of peach, blackberry, black currant, davana,

There had been nothing like it. It created a pop culture phenomenon. Its special effects were a blueprint for countless films after it, and the story of the hero, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), and his journey was simple and innocent.

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Replica Hermes Let us know that we are all responsible for every drop of blood in our country and for every individual who deviates from the path. A student of science could not complete his knowledge and know that your role is not restricted to tribal differences and stirring up tensions To sacrifice the blood of your children in what is not related to God in anything – and know that we at this stage experienced by our dear Yemen must be at the good of our owners and we know that it is time to stand and think in our case, which we have reached the differences and conflicts and tribal conflicts fueled by the rush of the parties And forget about what is required of us towards our country first and our region second and forget our role in the wheel of renaissance by uniting our ranks and demands and look at the conditions of those who trusted us and carried us to their heads to be their representatives and their demands and here I want to ask everyone about the proportion of learners in our region And the percentage of employees In the field of their knowledge and the proportion of university students in our society and the proportion of scholarship students abroad and also the level of internal education, which we are responsible for claiming and providing it for our region and our security and the projects of our region and our place in the ladder of hierarchy in the State
The proportion of wise sheikhs and intellectuals are large Most of them have drifted behind the legacy of their days of strife and conflict and ran behind the private interest before the public and forgot that they have a greater role than this is to seek to promote the society, they are the ones who have the reins of the people who are supposed to represent the head of the regime in their tribe and they can achieve what Can not g But unfortunately, I find that in the White Brigade we have heard and drifted towards what was planned by those who do not want our unity and our solidarity and our advancement of two societies to know that we are the first and the two races to support the homeland and the citizen and witness the positions and championships of the conservative men who remain for the revolution and the republic and unity. We marginalized this role and wiped out the history of writingIn gold
Abai and my brothers
I sincerely appeal to you to think in our case and to work together to strive to provide a suitable environment for our sons and daughters to join the renaissance of science and work that prevail in the world around us, which unfortunately we find ourselves far away from ourselves and what we will leave to our children after us < I am confident that everyone is ready to support this renaissance starting with all the sheikhs, businessmen, traders and officials who belong to this struggling and giving society, but we must unify and direct our efforts to the benefit of our region and its sons Replica Hermes.