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It is mainly played in England

Join more than 24,000 adults a week and play rounders!Rounders is a fun, exciting team game that bears similarity to baseball and softball, but staunchly defends its individuality. It is mainly played in England, meaning you may struggle to find a club elsewhere in Britain.But don’t panic, all you need to set up a game is basic equipment bat, ball a decent bit of outdoor space and some willing friends and family.Anyone can play rounders regardless of age, gender or ability and people as long as you have a flat surface such as grass, a beach, or a sports hall, you can set up a game.The popularity of rounders is increasing rapidly, with new teams and member leagues popping up all the time. There are currently over 200 teams who compete in 40 leagues up and down the country.Visit Rounders England to find out about the sport in England including a club finder and information on indoor leagues.

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