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It the brick and mortar equivalent of a Wal Mart greeter

I just bottled a second attempt with half the amount of sugar. After 24 hours of carbonating and it was perfect. I have a couple other variations I need to try tonight, some have extra priming sugar, some have been carbonating for longer. And yeah they dog whistles, they of the same value of PTs slogans about Lula and serve just to rally, AND they bullshit. I will call PT on it bullshit too, and I will say one more thing: if push comes to shove and I have to decide in between 4 more years in what will be 20 years of PT, or Bolsonaro and his alt right branded bullshit which is already collapsing countries like England and USA, I will vote for Lula minions. At least he has his ground on reality, and has not been inciting hate since his first breath.

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