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It’s important for Bill to share because he’s an honest person

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canada goose store Because Israel underwent massive religious reforms during the reign of King canada goose outlet uk fake Josiah which centralized sacrifices and worship to be tightly controlled. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap why does the church deny that the same applies canada goose outlet winnipeg to women when there are 4 canada goose outlet london “prophetesses” indicated in the bible? buy canada goose jacket cheap

I would like for everyone that defends the polygamy of Joseph Smith and all of the other church leaders to watch this video and tell me your true, initial reaction to the situation created by this man. Be honest with yourself, and ask if his canada goose outlet toronto actions are ok, and if not, why. Then, consider the relationships that Joseph Smith initiated with girls between the ages of 14 18 and tell me why one is ok and one is not.

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Sure, but in the context of this piece, you explaining to another person that Joseph Smith broke his own rules on polygamy, not that polygamy was ghastly because canada goose outlet store new york it treated women like property. canada goose outlet store near me If that was the case, that what you would say and you would include unmarried women in that discussion as well. By saying “other men wives” in this context, you entering into an implicit agreement that both you and the other person acknowledge those women belong to other men and hence aren available for marriage according to the doctrine of polygamy as it was laid out.

You wouldn use pejoratives for black people when discussing the evils of slavery, even if they accurate to the time period. I also don think it appropriate here. I don think the description of women (or children) being property is a pejorative in the same way that other pejoratives could be used to describe black slaves.

cheap canada goose uk I don have a problem with people choosing softer phrasing but I won knock anyone who uses time appropriate descriptions of family dynamics. cheap canada goose uk

Several persons who had attended the above meeting, and got convinced of the truth, came forward shortly after, and were received into the church, among the rest My own Father and Mother were baptized to my great canada goose outlet store calgary joy and consolation, and about the same time Martin Harris and a [blank] Orrin Porter Rockwell.

Joseph Knight Sr. places the location of the meeting and the baptisms of Joseph Smith Sr. and Martin Harris in Manchester several days after Late March 1830 (after he had taken Joseph Smith back to his father home)

canada goose Two non member Manchester residents also witnessed the baptisms of Smith Sr and Mrs. Rockwell placing the baptisms in Manchester rather than Fayette and by extension, placing the meeting in Manchester and not Fayette. Lucy Smith was also baptized in Manchester a few days later. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale What is still unclear to me: Unlike other events revised in the 1838 History (Like the First vision revision), what would be the motivation for revising this event? canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale David Whitmer was already a dissenter so there isn a motivation to write him up in the history (having the event at the Whitmer home). Could it be as simple as just trying to make the event seem larger than it actually was? This new revision shows a large conference as opposed to a small, 6 man meeting in Manchester. Canada Goose sale

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I will say that there little evidence to suggest plagiarism. At worst, we could say that Lucy Mack Smith memory was a little mixed up. The dream is only mentioned in her book (which she dictated 15 years after the Book of Mormon was published).

In all fairness, she could have incorrectly remembered details of her husband dream 30 years later. Which again, the only source I can find is from Lucy Mack Smith. If I missing something, please feel free to link, but this is literally the only “source” we have of this dream.

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canada goose uk black friday Sometimes I catch myself thinking really out of the box and asking weezer-online myself why didn’t I think of this before? but why do we all assume that all the writing of the book of Mormon took place when other people were aware of it and in a translating Setting canada goose uk black friday

canada goose coats Why couldn’t they have pretended to be writing during the translation fake setting and then when no one was looking write the rest of the book as they plagiarized from other sources?? what in the world makes us have to believe that the writing of the book of Mormon really took place during the translation?? that was probably a big act with nothing canada goose outlet really being written of importance!! the real writing of the book of Mormon probably took place when no one was around and other books were being copied etc. You want it to be private because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Same reason we can’t bring up polyandry in Sunday school, or the BoA, or treasure digging, or any of the plethora of taboo subjects people don’t like to hear about. This isn’t necessarily private. It’s important for Bill to share because he’s an honest person and omitting this would be omitting an important detail in his journey. canada goose coats

Not entirely. People want it to be private because that is the process that the church follows. The church has decided at some point that private is the right way to do it and therefore making it public is the wrong way to do it. If you choose to do it the wrong way, you are canada goose outlet niagara falls going against the church (even if its something as insignificant as this). If the church tomorrow decided that the new norm is canada goose outlet seattle to make it public, everyone at church would be mad if someone decided to keep it private.