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Jan-Erik – Font exploration – XTM International

Leon and I had a discussion on the potential font directions. I think Leon is still pretty badly under the weather with his cold but hanging in there like a trouper!

Whilst many of the fonts will simple not work for XTM (interestingly enough, we have already shortened the brand name down to XTM in our minds from XTM International – something that could not be done with the previous name of XML Intl – am very glad we managed to persuade the client of the merits of a complete company name change). Anyhow, whilst many of the fonts don’t work, it did bring up some interesting ideas about ‘flow’ and ‘connections’. XTM is effectively ‘language translation management technology’ … so there are elements of engines, work flow, input / output & trust that we need to communicate visually. Am currently not sure how Leon plans to visualise this AND connect it to the letters XTM … maybe a separate ideogram will be required.