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Fear of ideas as distinct from fear of the charging wildebeest is the product of an unsettled mind fueling mad emotions, always a dangerous cocktail. And if those who drink that cocktail become political powerbrokers, the fear we feel is closer to the charging wildebeest kind than the kind suffered by those who are just plain mad. Vigilance, exposure, and the constant outing of these people and their malevolence is a soupcon of antidote.

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I nearly had Melvin Gordon in the second tier with Johnson and Elliott based on his workhorse status. He touched the ball nearly 350 times in 2017. Instead I have him topping this group. A recent poll game reveals that more than 90% of people have acted impulsively. Human beings are high class than animals, but are also affected and led by emotion. They become excited when the hormone is inspired.

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In actively choosing to take on a player with such publicly known issues, New England take with him a duty of care. Josh Gordon’s future, not just as a football player, but as a person, rests partly in their hands, and it’s right that they invest fully in every aspect of him. It’s important they get him help cheap nfl jerseys, if he needs it, and support him through this change in scenery..

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