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male power structure literally

The stadium was completed in 1962. Part of the oral history of the Eastside, said Chris Zepeda Millan, a political science and Chicana/o Studies professor at Loyola Marymount University. Dodgers symbolized the white male power structure literally displacing us.

My great friend from college is now a medical librarian in Buffalo. The medical librarians were having their convention in San Antonio this week and their annual party was last night. Being that I can never refuse an open bar, I went and partied with the libarians.

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Check out the Oakland Athletics or the New York Yankees of the 1970s.Nor is it impossible for a team or its best player to be lobbing grenades at the front office and still manage to do OK in the win loss department.Jackson own Chicago Bulls of the 1990s won six NBA championships despite nearly every player on the team hating General Manager Jerry Krause. Certainly, that was an uglier relationship than Bryant has with Mitch Kupchak or Buss.We asked Phil about the concept of chaos, and whether it can work in sports, and he cited his personal history. He was coach of those 1990s Bulls.

CARSON >> Even after relocation and a coaching change, this remains true: The Chargers will only go as far as Philip Rivers takes them. On Sunday, that reality did not look reassuring. In their second game at StubHub Center, the Chargers fell to Kansas City, 24 10 dropping to 0 3 for the first time since 2003.

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