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Meanwhile, downstairs a woman accused me of high quality

Inside Fetty Wap’s Fête

facebook dialogPinterestFetty Wap. Photo by Getty Images.On Thursday night, I was greeted at the door Fake Handbags to Fetty wholesale replica designer handbags Wap’s debut album listening party in Tribeca by a disgruntled Replica Designer Handbags bouncer and the words “at capacity.” I was expecting something more Designer Replica Bags like "Hey, what's up? Hello." It was 8:15 p.m., and KnockOff Handbags the call time for the event aaa replica designer handbags was 8:00. After some delicate maneuvering, I managed to get in and was relieved to see the opening lyrics to the rapper’s hit single, “Trap Queen,” scrawled on a mirror next to a motorcycle with a sign stating “DO NOT SIT ON MOTORCYLE.” Replica Bags Wholesale This perfect selfie spot would have Replica Handbags made right a missed on-brand entrée opportunity, had it not also been closely guarded by a bouncer.The only thing Wholesale Replica Bags left Fake Designer Bags unguarded by bouncers were replica handbags online pies baking in the kitchen. Instead, women in “TRAP QUEEN” bathing suits and knee-high boots kept a close Handbags Replica watch Replica Bags on cheap replica handbags their browning crusts. (Some context: there was a pool in the basement). It was unclear if the guests were going to have to fight for a fork, but thankfully chicken nuggets on a stick and a Red Bull elixir served in “1738” Solo Cups ran aplenty.Fetty arrived around 9:30 p.m. wearing Yeezy sneakers, one of which had what looked like a sock stretched over it. In replica Purse keeping with the theme from his “My Way” music video, he also wore a motorcycle glove on his left hand. He proceeded to pull a wad of cash the size of his head out of a Louis Vuitton backpack, posed for Designer Fake Bags some pictures, and then retreated upstairs. The women in bathing suits followed, freshly baked pies in hand.Meanwhile, downstairs a woman accused me of high quality replica handbags stealing her seat on the white leather couch with a white fur draped over it. Behind read more here us was a life-size sculpture of a horse. I got up to find a bathroom.While waiting on line, I told a teenager I follow on Instagram named Kerwin Frost (you might recognize him from @AssPizza’s account and for the gigantic tattoo of a pencil he has on his face?) not to skip me and he gave me a look like, “only mere mortals use the bathroom.”Then, a man with wide eyes and a septum piercing who was also not waiting on line turned to me and said, “Are you a matrix?”“Are we in The Matrix?” I shouted over the bass, confused. An image of Fetty as Neo flashed in my mind.“Are you a dominatrix?” he repeated.“Oh, purse replica handbags no. Sorry.”And then I left. I love Fetty, but I’d heard enough.XPhotos: Inside Fetty Wap’s FêteSlide 1 of 3FBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestPreviousNext1/3ToggleFetty Wap at his album listening party.Photo by Getty Images.Full replica handbags china Screen.