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cheap Canada Goose Maajid Nawaz on why Tommy canada goose outlet eu Robinson is popular and why working class Britain is moving rightwardMaajid Nawaz, no longer demonized by the Southern Poverty Law Center after he filed a lawsuit against them, here has an 7 minute radio discussion explaining why working class Britain is becoming radicalized. He suggests that the causes of radicalization are grievances that are exploited by hardened ideologues who then manipulate vulnerable young people by pointing to those legitimate grievances, and then radicalize them. canada goose outlet factory of the underlying grievances that radicalize young British Muslims, he says, include racism, the continuing detention of Muslims at Guantanamo, and the invasion of Iraq. For white, working class Brits, he uses the example of Tommy Robinson, whose grievances include the denial of an entry visa to Lauren Southern under terrorism laws while allowing far more extremist Muslim clerics to enter Britain. Grievance 2: British canada goose kensington parka uk grooming gangs that were ignored by the government and police, creating a conspiracy of silence out of buy canada goose canada goose outlet uk fear canada goose outlet vip of being called angers citizens. Grievance 3: a double standard when it comes to free speech: Tommy Robinson is demonized while not calling for violence, yet Hezbollah is allowed to flaunt its blatant terrorism in public.In other words, these grievances give the impression of hypocrisy on the part of the government, providing the populist Right leverage to radicalize the working class The same hypocrisy was on tap in America this week, with the New York Times hiring a racist technology editor, Sarah Leong, and then the paper and other Left wing media defending her racism because she was Asian. As I said, the newspaper hypocrisy just gives people a reason to gravitate towards Trump.Nawaz says we need to understand which grievances are legitimate to address them canada goose outlet store quebec properly and prevent radicals from taking advantage of them to move the canada goose jacket uk populace Rightward. While the canada goose outlet in uk radical ideology needs to be challenged, we ignore the underlying grievances at our peril.I suppose a similar grievance in America involves immigration. The underlying legitimate grievance is the flood of immigrants, many illegal, into America, and the refusal of the Left to address this problem. (One might, from seeing the Left silence, feel that they in favor of completely open borders.) This grievance fuels Trumpism and its odious tactics of separating children from parents, building canada goose outlet jackets a border wall, promoting anti Muslim bigotry, and so on. The Democrats really need to take the immigration issue seriously and propose solutions, not just ignore it and call (rightly) for restoration of children to their immigrant parents. The left may be blamed for canada goose outlet online uk lots of canada goose stockists uk things but last I checked this issue is a congressional issue. It is our grid locked, do nothing congress that has caused this big problem. And they are the only ones that can fix it who else makes federal law?Trump and Obama both have made executive action front and center in this problem and have made it much worse but the real problem is still congress not the left, not the right. We can blame everyone and we can radicalize the left and the right but it is congress that causes this situation.The blindness and deafness of the left goes back almost two decades, before the refugee crisis. As a result of 9/11, Muslims becamedistrusted and disliked, and with good reason, because they denied that their religion was the motivation behind terrorism, and because they created the false picture of which led to their inventing the term even though Muslims canada goose outlet in vancouver in Europe and the US had far greater rights than they had in their native country far greater rights than NON MUSLIMS had in Muslim countries. The left embraced Islamism and rejected religion as any motivation because accepting it would undercut theirclaims that US and the Iraq war were the reason for Muslim terrorism. As for Muslim sharia, honor killings, child marriage, and execution of gays and apostates, the left continues to ignore these deliberation. All of this strengthened the right wing, which moved into the moral void. And it will continue to expand in Europe, thanks to the left, which upon reflection actually CREATED the right, by recusing itself from the truth.I agree with you on this one Randy. In February, a bipartisan immigration failed in the Senate, largely due to Trump promise of a veto. Even if the bill had passed the Senate, whether it could have passed the House and then a Senate override of a veto was highly unlikely.One must ask whether Trump and most Republicans actually want a resolution of the immigration issue. If this issue is actually what would the Republicans run on? The same question can be asked regarding abortion. If the Supreme Court should overturn Roe that would be another issue down the tubes for the Republicans.Republican success has been due largely fostering grievances and fear among whites, particularly the religious right. Their strategy is to keep these issues alive so that the base is kept constantly enraged. perhaps they really do want open borders), but canada goose outlet store uk if they do consider it a problem, we don hear much in the way of solutions. ICE! doesn play well and can hardly be called a solution. Giving amnesty to current illegal immigrants doesn do anything to prevent the problem from recurring in the canada goose factory outlet vancouver future.Republicans have a solution, for whatever it worth: deport illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal records; build a wall to prevent new ones from entering; punish businesses that hire them to reduce demand for illegal immigrant labor; restrict chain migration so one legal immigrant doesn automatically become ten; and maybe reconsider birthright citizenship, so a woman can just cross the border and give birth here to gain canada goose jacket outlet store the right to stay. It sounds plausible, at least superficially, even though they probably wouldn actually do anything to hurt the business interests that donate money to their campaigns.What is Democrats canada goose womens outlet plan, and why aren they talking about it?The Democrats have made clear they in favor of canada goose parka outlet uk comprehensive immigration reform with their voices and with their votes. They also made clear, with both voices and canada goose outlet official votes, that they willing to work with Republicans to achieve it. But so long as the Democrats are canada goose outlet ottawa in the minority in both houses of congress, they cannot so much as bring a bill to the floor. And so long as the Hard Right has a large enough contingent in the House of Representatives to kill any bill, comprehensive immigration reform is dead on arrival. (This is one of the reasons former Speaker John Boehner threw up his hand and quit, and why current Speaker Paul Ryan is following him out the door.)For the immigration hardliners on the Far Right, nothing less than massive deportations and zero tolerance will do. Anything that could lead to an eventual path to citizenship for anyone here illegally is labeled and is dead on arrival. And the establishment Republicans in congress are canada goose outlet in chicago way too petrified of goose outlet canada the Grand Old Party current white nationalist base to do anything to buck them, for fear of drawing a hard right primary opponents in districts that have been ruthlessly gerrymandered to ensure Republican rule.Immigration is certainly not the problem Trump says it is.If I were creating the Dems immigration platform I would base it on taking advantage of immigration and counter the doom and gloom of Trump view with facts. We have migrant workers who are willing to do the jobs Americans don want to do. We have top students from all over the world wanting to study at American universities, some of which stay and start companies that employ people and make the US richer. Even those that go home after college take US ideas and canada goose outlet authentic culture with them. While this is hard to measure, I suspect it is a huge benefit to the US over the long haul as it helps spread US culture canada goose outlet online store and creates markets for our products.The Dems should avoid like abolishing ICE. Even if that became part of the implementation of a new policy, it shouldn be a goal.have migrant workers who are willing to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do. Americans don want to do those jobs for the pittance immigrants are paid. citizens is what it was, nor what it should be. In any event, employers and investors want to pay as little as possible, whether a job is off shored or not. (I guess that that is one of those vaunted Values which one hears spouted by Americans to no end. state has higher and nobler values than any other state. Just ask Nikki Hailey, former South Carolina governor. She tell you.)PCC said as if Since the Republicans are in control, only legislation they initiate has any chance at all of even being discussed. Meanwhile Trump is blaming canada goose outlet seattle failures on the inability to get Dems to vote for their brain dead policies like The Wall. Finally, Dems are forced to spend a lot of their air time being against Trump policies like the separation of children from parents at the border. It all looks like the Republicans are running the immigration show because they are and canada goose outlet black friday they still can get much done.You and a few others here are fixating on our dysfunctional Congress. But the real battle is being waged not on Capitol Hill, but in public opinion. canada goose outlet nyc And the demagoguery of the Right is vastly superior to that of the Left.As Mikey notes, the Left the Dems in particular must first acknowledge there is a problem. Most Americans favor a fair final resolution to illegal immigration. Yet the Dems are screaming about fewer separated illegal families than under obama, calling for the abolishment of our immigration customs agency, and threatening public disturbances harassment of officials until they get their way. People notice cheap Canada Goose.