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Niamh Bergin and Niamh McCabe both 28

Image: She may not have long, luscious hair, but this model and TV personality has gorgeous tresses which she loves to experiment with she has changed her hair styles several times in the past. But she climbed the ladder of success with her good looks and talent. A Swedish actress, she is also an Oscar winner.

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buy canada goose jacket But fans heeded advice given, with medical teams only attending to about 15 people suffering from sunburn or hayfever.In the end, the mum of a member of the PR team, Brenda Wallace, who owns Velvet Moon in Finnieston, shut the shop then jumped in a cab to pick a kilt up from home.She delivered it to the site five minutes before the band went on stage.She said: “I was in the shop and my son sent me a text to say there was a kilt emergency Danny from The Script needed one. I took it as a challenge to get it there to him canada goose outlet washington dc in time.”At one point, Danny flashed and proved he wasn’t a true Scotsman as he was wearing black boxers.After a few years of headaches with T in the Park, TRNSMT canada goose outlet trillium parka black boss Geoff Ellis, of DF Concerts Events, was ecstatic canada goose outlet about the warm weather.He said: “There are few places more beautiful in the sunshine than Glasgow and from the moment Picture This kicked things off on the main stage, the atmosphere has been unreal. It’s the best weather we’ve seen in Scotland in a long time.”TRNSMT festival drinks canada goose outlet authentic prices slammed by punters as revellers charged a pintDespite the scorching temperatures, brave Englishman Pete Waite, 43, a police officer from Norfolk, decided to celebrate his first trip north of the Border by wearing a kilt complete with sporran.He said: “I love canada goose factory outlet vancouver my clothes but the one thing I didn’t have was a kilt so I bought one on the internet.”I haven’t worn it before but thought as I was coming north on my first visit to Scotland, it was the best time to wear it.”Pete wouldn’t say if he was a true Scotsman but added: “It may look hot but actually it’s very cooling.”Some festivalgoers were suffering after hours in the strong sunshine.Rebecca Ogilvy, official canada goose outlet 18, from Glasgow, admitted she had burnt her back and said she would like “a breeze or canada goose womens outlet a bit more shade”.TRNSMT confirm you can take this very important liquid into the festivalBrudus McGrellis, 32, also from Glasgow, cooled down by pouring water over himself.Niamh Bergin and Niamh McCabe both 28, from Dublin arrived in Scotland on Thursday for their first visit to TRNSMT.They canada goose jacket outlet uk can’t wait to see the Arctic Monkeys on Sunday and added that the amazing weather had made their day.Vinicius Merlo, 21, from Brazil, is travelling the world and made a pitstop in canada goose outlet england GlasgowUnlike some of the crowd, he is used to the heat and said: “It’s really very nice.”Jacqui McDowall and husband Marshall, both 54, from Larkhall in Lanarkshire, were enjoying their first trip to the festival after going to T in the Park dozens of times buy canada goose jacket.