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# Finalists – The last 6 people and one


Hello, You are unaware of what lies outside the Dimensions of your
You are part of EARTH or as some call it GATE #
This is why it is so important for you all to live from LOVE and not
The characteristics of these energies are Conquest (White Horsemen) Enhanced Charisma, Greed, Conquest with Diplomacy, A Manipulator, Light

You are purposefully kept in a state of
There are only two Emotions in the Universe, FEAR or
LOVE is they only way to Break from these Conscious Chains on

There are many paths to take to get to the same road to reach this

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# Finalists – The last 6 people and one FAST track (FAST TRACK 16:00). – The winner is.

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Additionally What to Expect in TBILISI?
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Additionally included in the program:
– Convenient hostel location – 3 times a day
– History of Tbilisi to see the world’s most beautiful places

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