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Now it conceivable that if some Vikings were really Muslims it

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buy canada goose jacket His evidence for that is wait for it a couple of tweets.Now it conceivable that if some Vikings were really Muslims it would anger white supremacists. But I don see why, since the Vikings would have to be more than just practicing Muslims to anger the alt right: they have to bepeople of color that is, genetic admixtures of Scandinavians and Middle Easterners. And I know of no evidence for that.Well, we see when the peer reviewed article comes out, but it would behoove those at The Friendly Atheist to avoid this type of premature clickbait.That like playing Stairway to Heaven backwards to prove that Led Zeppelin worshiped the devil.You shouldn have to stretch this far to make fun of white supremacists, and you shouldn canada goose jacket outlet have to destroy your own principals to do so either (read: skepticism, making fun of weak chins to make a point and, in the process, offend everyone who has a weak chin who is not a white supremacist, which is quite Canada Goose Outlet a few if I not mistaken not related to this post but I seen leftist cartoons that do exactly this) buy canada goose jacket.