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Online Marketing Bournemouth

E-creation offers online marketing in Bournemouth that helps businesses succeed on the Internet. Most businesses understand the need for online marketing that works but don’t understand additional value an online marketing consultancy offers over traditional marketing agencies.


orange-tickE-creation specialises in online marketing combined with ‘psycholinguistics’ that produce measurable results with a competitive advantage for businesses requiring online marketing that works.

Challenges we have address included making online prices “feel right” to customers when equal to in-store prices?┬áE-creation’s psycholinguistic approach was a ‘price pinning’ online strategy that introduced & seeded a more expensive ‘luxury’ version of the product with higher price point. This raised the category’s perceived price, allowing the previously ‘expensive’ product to fall into the ‘mid-range’ product price range.


E-creation’s online marketing in Bournemouth helps businesses to:

  • Access larger customer pools
  • Create new uses for products & services
  • Connect to cheaper suppliers
  • Reduce development & manufacturing costs
  • Increase speed of sales
  • Creating new web-based products
  • Enabling different delivery approaches


Psycholinguistics in online marketing strategy is just part of the marketing services on offer by E-creation.

We provide a complete marketing service starting with product consultancy & brainstorming to help E-creation to better understand your business. We have standardised brand & corporate identity analysis processes to ensure consistent, measurable differences between businesses that can be translated into tangible ‘markers’ that give your business its unique identity.┬áThese ‘markers’ can be applied within written copy, graphic design, mission statements & training materials.

We have called this process ‘BASIS’, as it forms the ground work to all of our marketing, design & development work, enabling E-creation to clearly identify what makes a business unique.

Online marketing campaigns we have created using psycholiguistic ‘markers’ include:

  • E-mail marketing for┬áIBM
  • Flash animations for┬á3com
  • Multimedia CD-ROMs for┬áCity & Guilds
  • Online marketing for┬áRBS
  • Digital presentations for┬áNational Cars
It is important to differentiate E-creation’s offering from the traditional marketing agency or marketing company. E-creation was born to provide digital & online marketing. We did not ‘evolve’ from a traditional marketing agency and because of our focus, our digital marketing reflects a deep understanding of how to use the technology.