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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing that works

If you are going to spam as part of e-mail marketing, don’t call us.

help-you-approach-things-the-right-wayE-creation uses effective e-mail marketing to create positive customer experiences – and this requires a positive relationship with e-mail recipients. Our custom designed e-mail marketing campaigns & deliver the best businesses results by combining creative ideas, unique functionality & intelligent visuals with persuasion science.

E-mail marketing is often perceived as ‘dirty’ marketing. However, businesses using email marketing in a targeted, ethical & clever achieve phenomenal business results because an e-mail marketing puts the right information in-front of the right person more cost effectively than 90% of other marketing channels.


Ethical e-mail marketing design that works

E-creation’s e-mail marketing design services are high-end. We do not work for spammers, adult or ‘enhancement’ companies. We do incorporate persuasion science into the design & functionality, along with other interactive features to maximise impact:

  • Personalisation of e-mails, creating a unique experience for the marketing e-mail recipient, something direct marketing finds very difficult to achieve
  • Animations within HTML emails using animated GIFs, creating immediate visual impactwhilst ensuring the recipient has no need to install anything
  • Embedded video to immediately capture the marketing email recipients attention
  • Dynamic links to micro sites & online media for immediate results from any online email marketing efforts
  • Detailed tracking & reporting on the marketing email performance

Many marketing companies miss a trick due to their lack of broad marketing experience. Our extensive digital experience enables E-creation to design e-mail marketing campaigns that deliver serious business results.

Royal Bank of Scotland E-mail Marketing Campaign

The core of this marketing e-mail campaign was personalisation of a credit card image for each e-mail recipient. Our application used mail merge and clever technology customise the credit card image automatically with the recipient’s name, creating the illusion of a personal credit card.

The e-mail ‘interest creation’ campaign was designed to drive traffic to the online credit-card simulator, where users can compare their credit-cards with the RBS credit-card for; cost savings & feature benefits.┬áThe interest rates of competitors are updated by RBS via a simple XML file to keep the online element current and accurate.

BritishJobs E-mail Marketing Campaign

The marketing e-mail element was ‘low tech’ in that it did not have customized elements, but simply made the recipient aware of new services on offer on the website, in particular ‘topical’ information in order to drive traffic to the site. In order to engage users and encourage user participation.

E-creation built a survey management system for, enabling to create their own surveys, record results for future PR and view users who participated in the surveys for profiling purposes all via a simple to use content management system.