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Marketing strategy & campaigns

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 12.40.59E-creation has a pragmatic approach marketing strategy for SMEs & startups, delivering┬ácost effective ways for businesses to kickstart their marketing through clever ideas. Often, a business’s success rests on the simplest of ideas, which is the heart of a marketing campaign but doesn’t need to cost the earth.

It used to take 7 points of contact on average to make a sale according to research performed in the 90ΓÇÖs. The Internet has changed this to closer to 50 points of contact (with consumers having more products to choose from, easier ways to find products & greater exposure to marketing on an everyday basis). E-creation marketing expertise enables us to combine traditional marketing principles with digital marketing practices such as SEO, iPhone / Android apps & SEO.

An outline of a starter marketing campaign package for SMEs & startups would include:

  • Marketing & brand review workshop
  • Content targeting & copy writing
  • Creation of core marketing materials
  • Website design, coding & deployment
  • Print advertising development
  • Marketing database development
  • E-mail marketing campaign creation

orange-tickWord of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing ΓÇô whether it be in the form of a clever business card, a strong marketing piece, an memorable website, effective advertising in the right place or a message delivered clearly & effectively by phone. But when a business combines all these together as part of a marketing strategy, you have the marketing tools for business succeed.

A complete business strategy & marketing campaign to get your business started from £15,000

Sound expensive? This is the full monty – EVERYTHING you need to bringing a business to life from scratch. If you are serious about your business being successful, E-creation can help. The starting point for a complete branding & marketing campaign starts at ┬ú15,000 depending on the complexity of your product or service offering, which provides you will all your essential marketing tools.

Business & marketing consultancy

E-creation provides the research, creative thinking & business consultancy for a clear marketing path.

  • Clarification of business name
  • Brand values capture
  • Development of mission statement
  • Definition of target audience
  • Refinment of brand in line with brand values
  • Research / documentation of potential leads

Traditional marketing resources

Creative concepts & design of print marketing.

  • Concepts & design of business card
  • Concepts & design of print advert
  • Concepts & design of marketing piece

Simple digital marketing resources

Creation of marketing website (not an e-commerce website) at the heart of overall marketing plan.

  • Keywords research / copy creation for website
  • Creation of content for website
  • Design of website
  • Coding of website

E-mail marketing campaign

  • Research into potential leads
  • Marketing e-mail design & coding into Mailchimp
  • Marketing database import into Mailchimp

Initial research, consultancy, design & coding would take three months before telemarketing commences.


E-creation provides the framework for marketing. Actual telemarketing is managed or performed by the client themselves, as we do not provide telemarketing services. If required, we can recommend the servers of telemarketing agencies in the Bournemouth / Poole area but strongly advice the actual calls are made by key personnel within the business. Given the limited number of prospects within the geographic area, each call has to matter. With outside telemarketers, there is a risk of a focus on call volume rather than the importance of each call, no matter how much the agency ΓÇÿsellsΓÇÖ the service.

Feedback & refinement

During all stages of the design and development process, you will be provided with concepts for feedback and refinement. We understand that it is your business ΓÇô and your input is an essential part of ensuring we capture & communicate the heart & sole of the business.

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