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Young People

Marketing to Young People

E-creation provides design & development for councils of intelligent digital communications & marketing aimed at children & young people.


young-peopleWe involve children & young persons through focus groups & online research to produce contemporary, engaging brandmarks, marketing materials & directory websites because they know what they want.


Communications channels

E-creation delivers intelligent thinking, design & development that understands the unique perspective of young people & their expectations from logos & branding, marketing collateral, youth directories, animations, iPhone apps & social media media such as Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.


E-creation is continually learning about the latest technologies, such as reactive & adaptive design for Apple iphones & Google Android phones, to ensure that councils communicate with children & young people in the most effective & engaging way possible.


Sneaker Seeker was design & developed as a forum for young people to express their ‘relationship’ with trainers as part of the ‘Sneaker Seeker’ museum exhibition.

sneaker-seeker-grabE-creation helps councils make their digital communications work by offering a complete ‘hand-holding’ experience. No need for technical expertise, design skills or legal experience – we ensure your youth communications works.
End of story.

For example, when building a website, we can help with:

  • content creation & copywriting
  • offline marketing & advertising
  • integration into social media
  • search engine optimisation
  • communications with government bodies
  • accessibility & bug testing
  • post launch technical support

sfy-mailer-grabA typical children & young persons marketing / communication project involves:

  • Consultation – defining the requirements
  • Branding – creating a brand strategy
  • Marketing – pushing the message out
  • Animations – making information dynamic
  • Websites – using the web for delivery

Edgy, appropriate & effective

E-creation understands how to communicate with children & young persons. We involve the children & young persons in the design process through regular feedback sessions & outbound communications with the children & young persons (e.g. posters, Facebook posts, Twitter communications, etc). This provides clear documented proof why a specific design is used (which was useful in the case of SYPC, where a primarily male audience chose a pink logo!)

Please have a look at our PDF of our youth marketing services.

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