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Patients presenting to other hospitals and referred to the

It is the most common cause of acute otitis media, sinusitis, bacteraemia, pneumonia, and meningitis.1Recognised risk factors for IPD in children include: anatomical or functional asplenia, congenital or acquired immunodeficiency, chronic renal disease, receipt of immunosuppressive chemotherapy, and ethnicity (for example, Native American, Australian aboriginal, and Polynesian children).1 3 More recently, reports have suggested that children attending day care and those with frequent episodes of otitis media may be at increased risk.1,4Although specific factors increase the risk of IPD for the individual child it is not known what proportion of children with IPD have an underlying abnormality. The reported percentage of children in developed countries with IPD and a preceding health problem ranges from 22% to 64%.5 9As well as children with primary and secondary immunodeficiency, children with central nervous system malformations, congenital heart disease, chromosomal abnormalities, and physical malformations appear in one or more of the series.5 9 To what extent these other preceding problems are associated with an increased risk of IPD is not known. Patients presenting to other hospitals and referred to the John Radcliffe were excluded.

Test tubes that don’t reach old age don’t reveal detrimental effects from mutations that act only late in life. Therefore natural selection didn’t have a chance to stop those mutations from being passed down to test tube babies. In a scenario now called mutation accumulation, the late acting mutations could thus build up and cause the declines of aging, also known as senescence.

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Compare acceleration.A term referring to the slowing of the foetal heart in response to a reduction in maternal circulation Dip Obstetrics A periodic transient slowing of the fetal heart rate in response to uterine contractions, ie stress. See Fetal heart monitor, Uniform, Variable. DecelerationUniform The fetal heart response to uterine contractions; UCs are Replica Handbags symmetrical, have a uniform temporal relation thereto and are divided into:Early /Type I dip Due to vagal stimulation elicited in the first stage of labor by fetal head compressionLate /Type II dip Due to uteroplacental insufficiency, potentially associated with a less favorable outcome; may signal early vasomotor labilityVariable The fetal heart response is asynchronous with respect to uterine contractions; the curves on the fetal heart monitor are more angled high quality replica handbags and saw toothed, and may be related to compromise in placental blood flow, eg umbilical cord compression and, like late s, may signify parturition related difficultiesde (d 1.