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Prayer is as great as Bahaa, no god but Allah, Muhammad is the

O Allah, send blessings upon your beloved Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and upon him, peace, prayer as great as secrets, no god but God, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, in every glance and self

No god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
O Allah, send blessings upon your beloved Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and on him, peace be upon him. Prayer is as great as Bahaa, no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah in every glance and soul
عدد المساعده علم الله ولههم البسنا حلل بهاء لا A god but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
O Allah, send blessings upon your beloved Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and upon him, peace be upon him. A god but Allah is Muhammad, the messenger of Allah
O Allah, send blessings upon your beloved Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah and Ali, peace be upon him.

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