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Professional website design for accountancy & professional services firms

Professional website design for accountancy & professional services firms


Rouse & Co

Design & coding of corporate website with content management system & SEO




Website was built using ASP, SQL & HTML

The Rouse & Co website is a fantastic example of how professional services companies, like accountancy firms, can use professional website design & development to create new business from the web and improve relationships with clients.

Using personalisation to build better relationships with potential customers

The key communication objective E-creation applied in the design process of the website was the concept of ΓÇÿpersonal service accountingΓÇÖ. To deliver this in an interactive and engaging way, E-creation built an interactive ΓÇÿappointmentΓÇÖ request form on the homepage.

Visitors are asked when they would like an appointment and what their preferred beverage is. An image (taken from a half day photoshoot E-creation did in their offices) of the appropriate drink with steam or condensation animation and personal welcome message.

Receptionists receive an email each morning with name, time and beverage request of all appointments for the day, for preparation 3 minutes before appointmentΓÇÖs arrival. This takes the sense of personal detail through from the website all the way to the moment the potential client walks in the door.

Content management & SEO

All key areas of the website are hooked into an easy-to use, custom-built content management system where Rouse & Co (now Vantis) can add & manage:

ΓÇó News articles (including metatags)
ΓÇó Newsletters & PDF documents
ΓÇó Key staff members

This detail in content management, enables Rouse & Co (Vantis) to manage their positions in search engines by constantly improving and updating of site content without the need to come back to E-creation for updates.