Quiet your diatribes, Trump, it might quiet the

Choose to be neutral to accolades and status. I don have time for negativity. It made me fearless. JACKSON’S ‘SECRET WIFE’ FILES NEW SUIT IN LOS ANGELES The woman who claimed she was the biological mother of MICHAEL JACKSON’s three children has refiled her family law case in Los Angeles Superior Court. Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson, who has claimed to be Jackson’s secret wife, filed for a legal separation from the King of Pop in December (08) and prior to that went public with claims she carried the pop star’s children, Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II, to term and called Jacko’s official ex, Debbie Rowe, an impostor. The woman, who has described herself as a black Jew born in Britain, also went to court in 2006 in a bid to lay claim to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, child support payments and shared custody of the pop star’s three children.

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