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Recently, Sultan Suleiman has given the status that he

Attracting everyone’s attention.
Recently, Sultan Suleiman has given the status that he used to play an auntie aircrafts in the call of warships. But there is nothing in this world that has an antique aircraft song, which is an anti-aircraft song.
So he used to play with an aunt called the ship?
The question remains, would you answer?

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My first solid try in real-time
Took about a week to get it done, used TexturingXYZ to get a base for detail and diffuse, then done a handful of manual work in Zbrush/Substance
Crit and suggestions are welcome and
Full character coming up next, planning to stream the process on Twitch :))

More renders: Instagram: Twitch:
Greets! Replica Handbags

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