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Scream Twinkle lights come back again

The Han Dynasty Renewed in China’s New 6th Anniversary Edition CACK Launches in China The Information Remedies: La Han Right – Golden Warrior (The Buddha’s blessing)
[La Han Right] – [The Buddha ] [Increase] a little damage to the skill; Accelerate the volunteer moves as fast as possible;
[Transcendent Angry Birds-Buddha]: Increases a certain amount of attack damage; Each level of the skill when the enemy is destroyed, can hit the enemy, and the height of the flying depending on the number of moves that increase or add more.
[Gia Diep Vi Tieu – Activate, can deal damage to nearby enemies, and hit the enemy has not been beaten. Note: The above martial arts after learning the corresponding secret can get, need to click Activate in the new martial arts effectively, and after activating the entire martial arts [Buddha], the effect [Lu Han] will change.

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The party was held elegantly. There are many famous guests. You walk down the stairs with grace, all eyes fixed on you with admiration. But then the fire of the castle was over. Scream Twinkle lights come back again. But you feel sorry for the fire back because around the sea became blood. Every guest was killed. You end up with a black man standing next to you. He is the castle’s young man. But he was not the first to meet the eyes of a young man before sharp chiseled let you see. And you know that the castle is actually a vampire. Young man in your beautiful and you want to be a partner. Will you agree? 🤔🤔

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