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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

E-creation search engine optimisation (SEO) service comes as part of the website design & development process. We work with the client to educate them on best practice in content writing, back link strategy & basic technical do’s and don’ts.

Effective search optimisation of websites is not difficult. It comes down to an ethical approach to writing content, done early during the website development cycle.

First steps to optimising for fruitful search engine relationships

The first stage of website SEO activity revolves around establishing keywords / phases on a page by page basis. Target too many different words or phases on a single page and your website promotion efforts are likely to fail. Choose five to seven phrases per page with a unified and consistent subject area (for this page, we have chosen: SEO, search engine optimisation, effective search optimisation … hmm, that was a handy for keywords density!)

However, thats how we achieve SEO results like what you see above.

SEO basics …

When writing your page content, there are some basic website SEO rules to maximise your search optimisation for key search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo:

Keyword density
Website SEO is at its most basic keyword repetition and prominence. If you use a particular word more on your website (a higher density of naturally occurring words), the SEO will rank those words as more important.

Keyword prominence
The earlier you use your keywords in the page, the higher your likely ranking in search engines.

Effective meta tags
Meta tags are hidden content written into your web pages to provide search engines with a signpost of likely content for the web pages. Of course, if you lie in your meta tags, and the page content differs from your meta tags, you will suffer poor search optimisation and search engine placement. Metatags are becoming increasingly irrelevant to Google …

Back links
Increasingly, search engines look at your SEO environment. Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm can be loosely viewed as a popularity contest, where you want to cool sites talking about your website and linking to you. Any SEO marketing plan should include time for creating relationships with other websites.

Keyword weighting
Some search engines are placing greater emphasis on words contained in headings & links, so E-creation builds the appropriate technical structure to ‘show off’ your keywords to search engines.

SEO Algorithm Research

Due to the wide range of undisclosed factors in their ranking algorithms (Wikipedia) it is impossible to guarantee specific results, something which some SEO companies promise. If an SEO consultant is able to guarantee specific placement in Google, make sure you read the fine print very carefully it is 99% likely to be caveated in some form.

At the end of the day, website content and websites backlinks will define how effective your search optimisation is. You can do your own seo marketing with a helping hand from E-creation (a very cost effective route), or pay specialists website promotion companies to do your website SEO just ensure that your expectations are realistic.