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Morning Chess was inspired by Ahlgren’smemories of summer holidays with hisgrandfather. This is the green fragrance of the bunch, with notes of bergamot, Tuscan leather, galbanum, patchouli and dark amber. It’s more traditionally masculine (and more sillage heavy) than Opus Kore or Room Service, and it feels (to me) like a contemporary version of a fougre: lavender up top (although it’s not included in the official list of notes), with some brightgalbanum and moss underneath.

Midnight in Paris in EDP version is beautiful, elegant, complex, with a flawless execution from top to basenotes, without fillers or any accord that doesn seem to fit at the overall composition. It surprises me that a lot of people cannot see the lily accord in there, because it resembles Versace Dreamer, but less shocking and stellar. Then, you have a cuir close to Bvlgari Black or Dzing, but with a nice touch of citrus and tea notes.

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I don drink coffee, so I don care except for how it affects traffic. The one on Clayton Rd. A few blocks away slows down traffic on Clayton Rd.

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