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Suffice it to say, helmeted and strapped in looking like

“The only time I said I was going to fire Harold was when he arranged a long request for me to ride in a new tank secured by a National Guard unit in a small community in Southeast Kansas. Suffice it to say, helmeted and strapped in looking like Michael Dukakis, the young tanker showed us what his tanks could do at 40 mph over hill, cliff, dale, ravine, ditch, and a very dusty farm field.

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PROTESTE says limit to fixed Internet is illegal
PROTESTE says limit to the fixed internet is illegal
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The Autumn Equinox – a time of letting go, re-visioning and
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❤ Co-Creative Sound Journey with Ashearon
❤ 5 Element Dance Journey with Fouzia Javaid
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ Conscious poetry with Ruarai OB
☼ Massage/Reflexology
☼ Social Time
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Fake Handbags Monte Lake

Last Updated Monday July 31 2017 9:00 PM

Location: 50 miles SE Of Kamloops

Discovered: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 5:00 PM

Size: 150 ha

Status: Active

• 100% contained

Interface: Interface Fire

One structure has been destroyed by fire

Evacuation Order Issued

More information

A full shift of fire fighters are attacking the fire

This wildfire is now in control

The wildfire is being held

very little growth in the fire overnight

. BC Wildfire Service ground crews and air support are currently working on continuing to strengthen and establish containment around the perimeter of this
The Fire is on the other side of the ridge


BC WIld fire Incident Command Post has been set up at the Monte Creek General Store

• 75 Fire Fighters

• There is Bulldozers onsite

• There is Water Tenders onsite

• helicopters are on standby if Incident Commander needs them

• Air tankers are on standby if Incident Commander needs them Fake Handbags.