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SYPC | branding, website design & development

E-creation’s first project for Slough Borough Council was the design & development of an interactive website to be used by young people in Slough for social media.

SYPC Gallery - In ProgressTo create branding, design & functionality that really engaged with young people, E-creation involved the young people of Slough using Facebook, Bebo and focus groups held at young peopleΓÇÖs centres to create a website with all the best elements of social media including:

ΓÇó Interactive calendar & booking facility
ΓÇó Automated CV creation tool for visitors
ΓÇó CMS system for web pages & calendar
ΓÇó Delivery of multimedia content to iPods via podcasts
ΓÇó Interactive content ΓÇÿchartΓÇÖ with
ΓÇó ΓÇÿQudosΓÇÖ point system to reward contributors

The media publishing element of the website, was branded the UrbanMediaGallery, where it uses psycho-linguistics and social herding techniques to encourage user contribution, combined with a ‘bling’ design.