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The execution of the event was flawless

Other fragrances and fragrance houses are mentioned only in passing and by the end the book was feeling like one long song of praise for No 5. A comparison with L for instance, which is a similar fragrance in style and target market, but which ultimately faded into obscurity, could illuminate both the marketing genius and the commitment to quality materials that has ensured the continued success of No 5. As it is Mazzeo makes these points about No 5 merely by dreary repetition..

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After participating in Bourbon Beyond this weekend I can say that this will soon be one of the most anticipated events for bourbon, music and food lovers in the country, says Wes Henderson of Angel?s Envy. The B Supper Club featuring Tom Colicchio was an amazing experience at Bourbon Beyond. The execution of the event was flawless, and I am so pleased that Danny Wimmer Presents had the vision and resources to bring this experience to life.

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