The only difference they could tell was that Mars

Its reddish tinge certainly caught the attention of ancient stargazers who recognized its similarity to Mars. The only difference they could tell was that Mars drifted around the sky, while Antares appeared constantly fixed to the constellation Scorpius, the scorpion. In ancient China, the figure was seen not as a scorpion but as a major portion of the large and regal figure of the Azure Dragon, or Dragon of the East, and in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Scorpius represents the scorpion whose sting caused the death of Orion..

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For the flowers, she says. Bromelain that may be taken out from the stems of pineapple is used in the producing of these health supplements. This dosage can also be altered in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.. Was a hard choice because I didn know if it was me thinking I had never been away from home that long and it just felt weird or if I was a homebody. Her decision shortly before the end of the school year, Hefner celebrated the weight coming off her back. The only challenge now came identifying a school much closer to home where she could still play basketball.

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Was really pleased with our rebounding. It so important for us to work hard on the boards and on defense, said Simms, whose team also forced Belpre into 12 first half turnovers. Important that we continue to work hard on defense and get those turnovers that lead to points on the other end.

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