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The original 14 municipality MTA district was expanded to 78

On August 3, 1964, the MBTA succeeded the MTA, with an enlarged service area intended to subsidize continued commuter rail operations. The original 14 municipality MTA district was expanded to 78 cities and towns.[20] Several lines were briefly cut back while contracts with out of district towns were reached, but, except for the outer portions of the Central Mass Branch (cut back from Hudson to South Sudbury), West Medway Branch (cut back from West Medway to Millis) homesite , Blackstone Line (cut back from Blackstone to Franklin), and B New Hampshire services (cut back from Portsmouth to Newburyport), these cuts were temporary; however, service on three branch lines (all of them with only one round trip daily: one morning rush hour trip in to Boston, and one evening rush hour trip back out to the suburbs) was dropped permanently between 1965 and 1976 (the Millis (the new name of the truncated West Medway Branch) and Dedham Branches were discontinued in 1967, while the Central Mass Branch was abandoned in 1971). The MBTA bought the Penn Central (New York Central and New Haven) commuter rail lines in January 1973, Penn Central equipment in April 1976, and all B commuter assets in December 1976; these purchases served to make the system state owned with the private railroads retained solely as operators.[20] Only two branch lines were abandoned after 1976: service on the Lexington Branch (also with only one round trip daily) was discontinued in January 1977 after a snowstorm blocked the line, while the Lowell Line’s full service Woburn Branch was eliminated in January 1981 due to poor track conditions..

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