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The project was quite easy, cheap and I think the kitty

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canada goose So I’m a bit of a cardboard box hoarder (you never know when you might need one right?) and over the canada goose uk years I managed to collect quite a few of them. The time has come and I finally decided to put them to use and I couldn’t come up with anything canada goose outlet in new york better than a cozy place for our kitty.The project was quite easy, cheap and I think the kitty approves since he is spending most of his time in it ;)Step 1: Tools Materialsa mountain of cardboard boxes about 2kg of glue sticks cardboard tubes blanket and/or other fabric pipe insulation pillow filler rope 24 corner braces 16 short screwsI’ve included the Fusion 360 file and this was pretty much the first time I used it so please excuse any mistakes goose outlet canada ;)Step 2: Ground FloorStart by cutting the cardboard boxes into 70cm x 5cm strips. I used about 80 strips just for the ground floor but this will depend on the thickness of your boxes and you will need more of them later.Cut out a larger piece of cardboard (70cmx50cm) and glue down the first row and a side piece. canada goose

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Scanning ultrasound treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in mouse canada goose victoria parka outlet model (credit: Gerhard Leinenga and Jrgen Gtz/Science Translational Medicine)University of Queensland researchers have discovered that non invasive scanning ultrasound (SUS) canada goose outlet uk sale technology can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease in mice and restore memory by breaking apart the neurotoxic Amyloid (A) peptide plaques that result in memory loss and cognitive decline.The method can temporarily open canada goose outlet us the blood brain barrier (BBB), activating microglial cells that digest and remove the amyloid plaques that destroy brain synapses.Treated AD mice displayed improved performance on three memory tasks: the Y maze, the novel object recognition test, and the active place avoidance task.The next step is to scale the research in higher animal models ahead of human clinical trials, which are at least two years away. In their paper in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the researchers note possible hurdles. For example, the human brain is much larger, and it’s also thicker than that of a mouse, which may require stronger energy that could cause tissue damage. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose clearance sale One tip we have for carving is to make a fixture to repeatedly hold your boxes so you don’t have to re zero your CNC. To program the carving we used the v carve feature in Easel but canada goose outlet eu for the box we made our own g code in Fusion 360. If programming your own more complex toolpaths canada goose outlet washington dc is something you’re interested in you should check out our CAM video here:Step 5: Send Some to Your Friends!! (and Heroes) canada goose clearance sale.