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The specimen, Pumiliornis tessellatus, is remarkably well

Mayr canada goose outlet jackets and Wild report a new bird fossil from the famous Messel formation of Germany. The specimen, Pumiliornis tessellatus, is remarkably well preserved as a complete skeleton and is dated at roughly 47 million years, in the middle Eocene. It is not a member of any of thethree modern groups of birds that independently evolvedthe ability to eat nectar and pollen:hummingbirds, lorikeets canada goose outlet reviews +hanging parrots, and some groups of the Passeriformes ( birds, whose nectar and pollen eaters include sunbirds, honeycreepers, etc.).The canada goose outlet canada remarkable thing about this specimen, as shown in the photo below, is that there is a official canada goose outlet clump of pollen grains near the femur right where the stomach would be in a living bird.

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Canada Goose sale This will certainly cause more inter faith tensions in the next few decades. As the chart below shows, Islamwill become the dominant faith in several places, but in the enlightened nations of France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, the dominant will no longer be Christianity, but And in Australia and the UK, the proportions of Christians will drop below half, though of course that a purely arbitrary cutoff given the panoply of faiths on offer.What can we expect from all this? I not a prognosticator, but canada goose outlet sale unless Islam undergoes a reformation (which is what Ayaan Hirsi Ali callsfor in her latest book Heretic (a Professor Ceiling Cat Recommendation), we can predict more bloodshed, more religious rivalry (which of course wouldn exist if the whole world were unbelievers), and more strife in general. Let us hope that Islamic extremism wanes, and that Islamic moderates stop countenancing it to such a large extent. Canada Goose sale

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