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Their main objective is to make sure there is no negative

canada goose clearance M Hospital’s handling of child porn case to be done in weeks canada goose clearance

cheap canada goose uk University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said Tuesday that the internal review began on Dec. 3 at the request of university President Mary Sue Coleman. Former resident physician Stephen Jenson, 36, had been suspended from his position just one day before because of a police investigation into allegations of child pornography possession. cheap canada goose uk

canadian goose jacket The university fired Jenson on Dec. 16, Fitzgerald said. He was arraigned the next day on four charges of possessing child sexually abusive material canada goose jacket uk and faces a preliminary exam on Feb. 16. canadian goose jacket

canada goose The initial report of the images came to hospital officials from a resident physician who found the images on a thumb drive in May, according to records. Her canada goose jacket outlet toronto supervisors, hospital security and the Office of the General Counsel reviewed the case before an employee with the Office of the General Counsel decided there canada goose outlet 2015 was not enough evidence to bring the case to police, records show. canada goose

uk canada goose outlet It wasn until November that police were informed of the case, when a member of the hospital security staff came forward, records show. uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap University officials have condemned the gap between the initial report and police involvement and the internal review is meant to take a look at the canada goose outlet store montreal processes that took place once the resident physician first came forward, Fitzgerald said. buy canada goose jacket cheap

be talking to various canada goose outlet in chicago people in the offices involved to get an understanding of how this was handled and the processes involved, Fitzgerald said, they be looking at what can be made better. Office of University Audits is commonly turned to in a number of different situations, Fitzgerald said. The auditors canada goose outlet price participate in a number of investigations, spanning from financial audits of the university athletic department to management consulting work to help make departments more efficient, Fitzgerald said.

hard to put canada goose outlet shop an exact time frame on the work that remains to be done, but everyone understands it needs to be done swiftly. auditors have already submitted some preliminary recommendations to the university, Fitzgerald said. Among them are developing a common set of guidelines for reporting security incidents throughout the university, consistent logging of all potential criminal activity in a reporting system shared by police and hospital security, joint training exercises and referring all computer forensic needs to university police.

When the internal review is finished, the university auditors will present their findings to Coleman and the university Board of Regents, which will make the report publicly available, Fitzgerald said.

canada goose black friday sale Coleman spoke in December in the wake of the Penn State child abuse scandal about a task force the university is setting up to examine policies for recording, reporting and preventing sexual misconduct or abuse involving university employees and children, but that canada goose outlet miami task force will not be involved in the review of Jenson case, Fitzgerald said. canada goose black friday sale

a broader task canada goose outlet online store force really designed canada goose factory outlet vancouver to look at all university programs that include children and review safeguards in those programs, Fitzgerald said. a completely different look at things.

canada goose coats on sale Some may not understand the U Audit process but the department is well staffed and well trained and will be able to do the job required. Auditors audit processes whereever and whatever that may be laws, rules, financials, computers, etc. They look at how a process is set up, how it functions, and where are the holes. They have access to all the materials they need. They find the problems and devise solutions and make the presentation. It is then up to the dept. effected, and in this case, the Board of Regents, to adopt the solutions. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket Apparently the University and the Department of Pediatrics in particular did not learn from the canada goose outlet website legit Penn State case. canada goose outlet online uk The moment the thumb drive was found, viewed and reported, the University police should have been informed and an investigation requested. For God sake this is the Pediatrics Department! These are the same people who are supposed to care for our children, not harm them or see them as prey. This is just another case of CYA, cover your A. The Office of the General Counsel is a joke. Their main objective is to make sure there is no negative publicity for the University. By their inability to do the right thing, they failed every child who could have potentially been harmed by canada goose discount uk this predator! buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats John Totally agree add this case to the other Ann Arbor Pediatrician case two different cases simultaneously both within the past year Top to bottom review of canada goose outlet toronto factory these cases needs immediate activation status quo not doing the job protecting children and adolescents in the Ann Arbor area seems to be lacking results and findings need to be made public Have on seen one Ann Arbor stand tall, speak to protecting children and adolescents and declare a new, higher community standard will be forthcoming. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet The Eyes See what the Mind Knows : This is the dictum that we use in the practice of Clinical Medicine. Unless the mind is prepared, the eyes cannot function with the knowledge that they need to observe things. canada goose outlet mississauga The auditors may not be mentally prepared to see the facts unless they had received prior training. If the academic program has inherent deficiencies, it will not be able to prepare residents for their future role. canada goose outlet location It is not simply about reporting suspicious events to Police department for investigation. Canada Goose Outlet

If the was charged and fired as you have canada goose outlet new york claimed (left in June according to UM spokesperson), who in the General Counsel office continued to sit on the information for MONTHS, deciding that the police did not need to be notified? If the was charge and fired who made the decision to fire him? If he was fired for deciding not to report a suspected crime, why didn the people that fired him immediately notify the police? Some person(s) in the General Counsel office, or elsewhere in the University, decided it was not important to notify the police; they made the decision to protect the University. In the meantime, Dr. Jenson continued to see children at the UM.

If there is no Cover Up, then who are the people that didn report a suspected crime of child porn to the police? I think the public has a right to know.

I believe we need an investigation into the internal investigation conducted as an external investigation by a University Committe tasked with overseeing investigations. What a joke, Universities love this idea that their investigations are appropriate to fix all problems. When a group of nit wits with no real power investigate something they are unqualified to investigate it has no standing. This is a criminal case, not just the found canada goose outlet 80 off child pornography canada goose outlet edmonton but also the cover up/delay in reporting and should be investigated by an outside agency, like I don know a law enforcement agency to see if criminal charges need to be waged against administrators who did indeed obstruct justice and allow a sexual deviant to continue working with children. Disgusting.

canada goose uk shop Problem 1: An internal review is canada goose outlet vip by definition biased. You work for the man, you don shoot him. canada goose uk shop

Problem 2: No lawyer is responsible for deciding to report a crime, that responsibility belongs to everyone who actually knows about it, as citizens. Crimes do not belong to a company and corporate lawyers in this case have only one goal which is to protect the company and limit their exposure. Not who you want making these calls.

Problem 3 and this one is shocking:

canada goose uk outlet preliminary recommendations to the university, Fitzgerald said. Among them are developing a common set of guidelines canada goose outlet parka for reporting security incidents throughout the university, consistent logging of all potential criminal activity in a reporting system shared by police and hospital security, an arguably world class institution, run by folks who make over half a million dollars each year at least 3 levels deep, cannot set up a command and accountability structure canada goose outlet toronto location so basic as to address common reporting and common expectations of crime reporting? I would drum out the entire executive team immediately, for cause. Complete lack of comprehension how how to LEAD. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose factory sale Perhaps some professor can make a case study out of this on what a massive failure of leadership looks like when the canada goose outlet jackets foundations are set on mud no matter how great what comes after, the mud will slide. There is a lot of mud to go around on this one. I am flabbergasted at the money paid for such incompetence, and it IS incompetence. To use a well worn canada goose jacket outlet but very apt saying from some German colleagues: A FISH STARTS ROTTING AT THE HEAD FIRST. canada goose factory sale

Unfortunately, at the U, schools and main campus and hospital campus are under separate leadership, have their separate IT dept., separate counsel staff, separate RISK, etc., and in this case, separate police/security depts. That means there no one crime reporting method even though this should have been reported to DPS. But there isn one logging system that hospital police must do that would tie into DPS. Basically, the left hand doesn know what the right hand is doing because they are not on the same body.

Canada Goose Online From the Office of university audits practice guidelines direction of the president of the University and the Finance, Audit and Investment Committee of the Board, the executive director of University Audits shall fulfill the Bylaw requirements by reviewing risks, internal controls, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of University processes and systems. This direct canada goose outlet reporting line to the president and to the Board of Regents ensures that canada goose outlet store new york University Audits shall remain independent. that this case will be independent? Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance sale And notice that it outlines what arm of the regents (finance) is over seeing it. canada goose clearance sale

The only way this whole PR nightmare will end is if the investigation is directed from outside the U/M.

If you look at the list of personnel in the Office of Internal Audits they are all a bunch of BBA and a few MBA business school graduates. Mostly accountants. What expertise do they have to investigate questions of law, corporate culture, administrative structure, etc? Who in that group knows how to interview witnesses? Do they have the resources to find emails, look at daily planners and tell if any records have been deleted to cover canada goose outlet niagara falls up facts, etc? Who in the group is senior enough to recommend firing the General Counsel or even President Coleman if she knew?

cheap Canada Goose This is a whitewash! There needs to be an external review similar to what was done for the NCAA investigation. cheap Canada Goose

Auditors audit processes whereever and whatever that may be laws, rules, financials, computers, etc. It is then up to the dept. effected, and in this case, the Board of Regents, to adopt the solutions. The U Audit team is very experienced and well trained. They have all the resources they need. People at the U quake when they see U Audits coming.