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Forget fancy Italian villas or romantic Parisian palaces! Jenny McCarthy has a much more laid back idea of where she wants to get married.In a recent interview with the Boston Herald, The View star and Shape cover model joked that after seeing the hoopla that surrounded Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding to Kanye West, it made her and fianc Donnie Wahlberg want to “marry at Applebee’s.” She also gave a shoutout to Wahlberg’s fam by citing Wahlburger’s as another possible wedding venue (Donnie and brothers Mark and Paul co own the Hingham, MA, restaurant).Applebee’s responded to the joke by issuing a formal invitation to the couple on Twitter(complete with the hashtag LoveattheBees) to have their wedding at the restaurant. McCarthy and Wahlberg played along, saying they’d at least “consider” it.Jokes aside, McCarthy’s keeping pretty mum on the real details of her weddding. We’ll keep an eye out and update you if we hear anything further! In the meantime, pick up the June issue of Shape for details on how Wahlberg proposed and more!.

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