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They are healthy and happy and loving pups they are a pitt-

Okay guys so I posted awhile back about my pups I have found 4 puppies amazing homes! But I’ve had 4 adoptions fall through… They are my heart and soul they will be 9 weeks on Wednesday! They have been wormed every two weeks since birth with nemex two and has had their first round of shots from a vet they also had their wellness exam from the vet and I have proof of these and you will get a copy of them they have been on whole earth farm puppy food and had formula when they needed when younger… They are healthy and happy and loving pups they are a pitt- hound mix..I WILL NOT JUST LET THEM GO TO ANYBODY! They are family dogs not fight or bait dogs!!! I require a $75 adoption fee and I have had a pet adoption contract drawn up that you will be required to read and initial and sign and I ask that you accept my friend request and Designer Replica Handbags or request for a page I made for the puppies so that I may keep an eye on them and watch them grow up they truly are my babies if I were rich I would have kept them all this was not a planned pregnancies… I have four males left… The videos are from when I still had all the pups so they are about a week or so old I have the black n white male the tri color male the brown n black male and the tan male with the white mark on his nose

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Your Soul wrote the basic script for what you wish to experience together during this
You may feel a gut reaction or knowingness as to whether your request is appropriate for
Be clear on what it is you wish to
Your Soul and Heavenly Helpers have the ability to see much more than you, so they may fulfill your dream in a way that is similar or even better than what you request, although it may not come in the way you
With this in mind, be specific about what you want fulfilled, then be open-minded and pay attention to your intuition so you do not miss the
They know that we are all One, coming from the same
You are encouraged to share this Please include the following when you do
Read or receive the Soul Connections by email on my blog:
Listen to the Soul Connections:
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