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They waited in endless lines for updated passports

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Picture Paris, in moncler saldi outlet June of 1940. moncler outlet online shop All around you is complete chaos as millions of people desperately try to leave the city before the Nazis arrive. Let’s focus in on one particular couple amidst the sea of refugees.

It’s a moncler uomo husband and wife, both Jewish moncler bambino saldi and both born in Germany. piumini moncler saldi Long before the war started they had moved to Brazil and become Brazilian citizens. They fell in love with Paris on their honeymoon and decided to move there. They moncler donna were both artists and enjoyed living in the heart of Montmartre. As the German army loomed ever closer, they realized they outlet moncler were no longer safe in Paris. But leaving wasn’t easy. They waited in endless lines for updated passports, visas and train tickets.

At last they were ready to go, but they had no piumini moncler way to get to the train station moncler bambino outlet in Orleans in the midst of the moncler outlet rising panic. In desperation for any mode of transportation, the husband went to a bicycle shop where he found that there were no bikes left. But they did have spare moncler outlet trebaseleghe parts. He bought these moncler outlet online uomo and piumini moncler uomo with no training, he built a bicycle for himself and one for his wife. They put a few of their belongings into baskets attached to their bikes, including the manuscripts and illustrations of several children’s books they were working on.

And off they went with all the other people fleeing Hitler’s army. They biked through small towns and villages and rode overcrowded trains to reach the south of France. They slept wherever they could including on the floor of a public high school, an empty restaurant, and in a barn with cows.

With their money running low, they finally got permission to cross into Spain. On the train journey, an official checking passports and moncler saldi uomo visas became suspicious of the large amount of paper the couple carried. He demanded to see it and then piumini moncler outlet shoved it back when he found it was just drawings for kids.

They went from Spain into Portugal, moncler outlet online uomo and in Lisbon they boarded a piumini moncler scontatissimi boat for Brazil. After a two month wait in Rio de Janeiro, they finally got on a boat bound for America and arrived in New York City in October, 1940. About a year later, one of the manuscripts they had trundled through Europe and South America was published.

Perhaps you’ve heard of moncler outlet serravalle the book. It’s called Curious George. Rey.

I want to tell you another children’s publishing story. This one happened just a few moncler saldi years ago. An editor flew to London to pick up a manuscript. She was stopped by airport security on her flight home. Just like the train conductor so many years before, the security officer was suspicious of the enormous amount of paper in the editor’s carry on bag. She looked through it and then eventually allowed the editor to continue on her way.

You may have heard of that book too. It was the unpublished manuscript of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and at that moment in 2007, it was the most valuable pile of paper in the world. The editor’s name is Cheryl Klein, senior editor at Arthur A. Levine Books (an imprint of Scholastic.) She told me that she was so nervous that at any moment the security officer was going to look down and see the words Harry, Ron and Hermione. Cheryl had a good story ready, though. If that happened, she was going to claim it was her own (rather extensive) fan fiction.