This further suggests that dietary ZnO may exert an effect

This thesis reports on a three year study carried out in the University of Durham to investigate the applicability of raster data processing for the work of the British national mapping organisation. In particular, it describes the distinction between vector and raster applications with geographic data and the likely characteristics of suitable raster data structures on both serial and parallel computers. A section is also included which describes the nature of scanning trials carried out on a number of commercial devices; it has thus been possible to assess not only the likely advantages and limitations of handling British large scale map data in raster form but also its technical feasibility.

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steriods A positive relationship was established between dietary treatment (ZnO, avilamycin and ZnO plus avilamycin) on daily live weight gain post weaning (P0.05), a positive influence of dietary ZnO supplementation on feed intake levels was apparent, which may account, in part, for the enhanced growth performance. This finding was not however manifested through modifications of intestinal morphology or the lactobacilli and coliform populations studied. This further suggests that dietary ZnO may exert an effect either luminally or systemically. steriods

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