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This is the reason why the higher souls have to wait for a

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Replica Bags Wholesale If a man lived his whole life obsessed with sex, if he knew nothing beyond sex, if sex was all he lived for – he earned wealth to enjoy sex, he went after a high position in the pursuit of sex, he wanted to have good health so that he could indulge more into sex – if sex was the most predominant center functioning in his life, then that is where the entire energy will converge at the moment of.
The point from where one makes an exit is the conclusive proof of how one has lived his.
Therefore, the mental condition of the father and the mother, as well as their state of consciousness at the time of intercourse, determine what kind of soul will enter the womb, because only that type of consciousness, that kind of soul will be attracted to seek that womb which fits with the center closest to the minds of the father and mother during the.
This is the reason why the higher souls have to wait for a long time – because they need a womb of a higher quality, which is very difficult to.
Many souls, who after great difficulty were born on this earth, have been forced to take birth on other.
Today, most of the scientists from all different parts of the world have settled down in.
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